Lucy Hale & Chris Zylka Break Up

The couple everyone thought would never come to a dead end finally reached that point as they have been hinting off on twitter that they have officially broken up. 

Looks like Lucy may have a thing for Teen Wolf star, Colton Haynes, who she formerly dated. We’re placing our bets that this new crush for Colton may lead to a relationship. Chris is also no longer following Lucy on twitter.

Update: Lucy dishes “No, I’m Not Dating Colton Haynes” 

According to US: “I’ve known him from my Privileged days, from The CW,” Hale said at NYLON and Sony’s September TV issue launch party. “I don’t meet a lot of genuine people in my life and he’s a special kind of person, and I try to surround myself with people like that. He’s jut a friend here tonight. Although, I would be very lucky to have him on my arm! We’re just friends.”


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